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Radiant Floor Electric Tankless Heater 500-1800 sq
Radiant Floor Electric Tankless Heater 500-1800 sq

Radiant Floor Electric Tankless Heater 500-1800 sq

ID : RH-16-4
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Space heating applications for which tankless water heaters are ideal involve using hot water in a recirculating system to heat rooms in a house. The heat may be transferred from pipes under the floor through which the hot water flows or from baseboard heat exchangers. Ideal installations for this type of product are with new construction or when remodels involve a complete reworking of the piping feeding the floor radiant coils and the flooring that goes over them. While this product can work with remodels where existing piping, floor coils and flooring aren't replaced, it is only recommended under the supervision of a radiant heating specialist.

Tankless, Inc. manufactures the “Cadillac” of electric tankless hot water heaters. Every heater they manufacture is hand-built and tested to last over 100,000 operations. From the White House guard shack, to research vessels at sea, to the Smithsonian Institute, our electric tankless hot water heater systems have provided a continuous, on-demand hot water source for many satisfied customers. For smart shoppers that insist on quality, energy efficiency, convenience, reliability and savings, we manufacture top-quality tankless heaters that are used by thousands all over this country and abroad. They continue to offer American-made tankless heaters with multi-fixture use capability, that are greenwise and competitively priced. Their tankless heaters are customized and hand-built with solid brass andc opper parts and are housed in insulated, baked aluminum cases. Year after year, their space-saving, quality-built products continue to out perform the competition. Their hot water heaters are considered to have one of the highest efficiency rating in the industry, are environmentally friendly, and promise significant energy conservation. Tankless, Inc. hot water heaters can be used wherever a conventional tank-type water heater is used, and have many other applications

Tankless, Inc. has set the standard for tankless heaters and all of our heaters come with a warranty to back up our claim. Specifically, all Tankless, Inc. water heaters come with a 5 year warranty on heat exchangers and a 2 year warranty on electrical parts (labor is not included) - every 5 - 7 years they recommend scheduling a service call with an electrician or plumber (Tankless, Inc. sells rebuild kits - $300 if out of warranty - and can send it to your electrician/plumber who will in turn change out the heating elements, the thermostats and contacts). They have customers still using the same tankless heater after 20 years – when proper maintenance has been practiced.

Model RH-16-4 Element 240 Volt Model. This heater is good for areas up to 500 - 1800 square feet. Requires one 70 AMP breaker @ 240 Volts

Please Note:  Tankless water heaters routinely require high capacity electrical wiring and dedicated circuits as well as custom plumbing. As a result, please consult with your plumber and electrician before purchasing one of these tankless water heaters. Product returns are not permitted once the product has shipped, unless the product is proven to be defective.

If you intend to use this radiant tankless heater for a baseboard heat exchanger, you will have to notify us at the time of your order, as a different thermostat is required.


NOTE: Sold and shipped with fittings as per photo.
Dimensions: 14.5”W x 17”H x 7.75”D (With Fittings, center to center)
For overall width, add 1.5”
Weight: 46 Lbs. Shipped
Material: Copper Exchanger
Box: White Aluminum Casing
Pipe Size: 3/4” Brass Female IPS
Voltage: 208/240 Single Phase
Max AMPs: 66 (2x40 AMP Double Throw 220 volt breakers)
BTU Output: 54,592
Efficiency: 98.9%
Operating Range: 0-150 PSI
Protection: Dual Thermals