Crossfire Fireplace/Fire Pit Gas Insert Set

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This complete set includes a set of concrete fire logs, grate and remote control. Remote controlled ignition can either be battery operated or plugged into an outdoor, grounded power outlet (AC).

This is simply the internal components needed for an outdoor fire pit. The stone surround can be purchased on this site as a separate component.

The 84,000 BTU insert is 26" W x 19" L and fits fire pits with a diameter between 22" & 26"

The 108,000 BTU insert is 29" W and fits fire pits with a diameter between 27" & "32"

The 150,000 BTU insert is 34" W and fits fire pits with a diameter between 33" & 38"

These inserts can be made to fit any size application. Each base plate tapers back 1.5” from the front dimension to fit the angle of the fire box and the under side controls are the same on all of them. You will need a cavity 19” X 15” at a minimum for the controls to drop in. The good news is if you don’t have that much space, the controls can be mounted on the back of the fireplace. Let us know what you need.