Full Moon Party Fire Dome

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Full Moon Party Fire Dome



(Please Note: you have two options - just the dome, or the entire 777MD set which includes Dome, Basin, Stand and Dome Lifting Rod).

The Fire Dome is a unique, elegant and functional artwork for sophisticated outdoor entertaining. Artist-designed and handcrafted, the FireDome elevates the standard firepit to the highest level and is sure to be the focal point of distinctive outdoor gatherings.

The intricately cut steel dome is handcrafted of the finest materials with exacting workmanship to withstand the elements, ensuring enjoyment for many years to come. The FireDome series is designed in the USA at Good Directions studios.

This festive dome depicts the rejoicing that accompanies the full moon and celebrates nature’s rhythms of life. It is sure to be the highlight of your outdoor gatherings.

Dimensions: 13"H x 26"W