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10' Copper Grande Fountain - Bamboo Etched Glass

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118" tall x 48" wide Floor Fountain. If you would like to adorn your business or home with a grand, classical style waterfall, the 10' Copper Vein Grande with Bamboo Etched Glass is the perfect choice. This elegant waterfall will complement any foyer or lobby with its impressive height. The center mount allows you to see the water cascading down the clear tempered glass from the front or back. Although people generally consider these to be indoor waterfalls, the fountains are impressive outdoors as well as they are built to last and are rated for any weather condition.

As if the serene visual of the copper vein powder coat frame and the beautiful etching of the bamboo tree aren't enough to put you in a good frame of mind, the soothing sound of the water spilling onto the decorative polished rocks will calm your thoughts. The unit can be delivered by white glove service and placed exactly where you want it, or for free by UPS ground freight shipping. Within minutes and in just a few quick steps, set-up will be complete and you will be basking in the water fountain's calm, peaceful atmosphere. Water fountains like this are more than just decoration; they are a gentle retreat from a hectic world.

This fountain will be delivered via White Glove Service, set in the place you choose and the debris will be removed.* A few easy steps and you are enjoying your Grande waterfall.

Weight = 280 lbs