Blue Rhino Northgate Electric Heater

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Brand : Blue Rhino
Condition :  New
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Northgate Indoor/Outdoor Electric Heater heats up to a 12 foot circle. Blue Rhino Indoor/Outdoor Electric Heaters can be used in a bedroom or on your outside porch. This electric heater is easy to move around with just a cord to unplug. Move to any part of your house or outdoors without a hassle. It's the perfect accessory for any outdoor living space including enclosed areas such as patios, porches and even balconies.

*Heats up to a 12 foot circle
*Safety tilt switch
*8 foot cord
*Weather resistant hardware

Electrical requirements: 1,200 watt halogen bulb (Equivalent to approximately 4,095 BTUs); Uses a standard 120V grounded outlet

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