Cadac Safari Chef 5-in-1 Portable Gas Grill

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Condition :  New
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The 5 in 1 Safari Chef gas grill comes with 5 interchangeable cooking surfaces, makkng it the most unique combination cooking system available.

The Fat-free barbecue is for barbecuing meat and vegetables, the Non-stick DuPont® ribbed griddle plate ideal for grilling steak, chicken or vegetables or the flip side Non-stick Du Pont® lipped breakfast plate ideal for pancakes, bacon, sausage or eggs, the Camping stove for boiling water and making sauces and the Dome-Wok for stew, soup, stir-fries or paella dishes.

The Safari Chef can also be used as a lid to create an oven on the Fat-free BBQ (convention style) to roast meat.

The Safari Chef weighs less than 9lbs, is dishwasher safe, works with a 1 lb. canister & includes a convenient carry bag.  Does not include gas canister, cylinder, hose, or adapter.

Cooking area:  108 in.

Comes with a carrying case and includes a 2-year factory warranty.