Duncraft Songbird OneWay Mirror Window Bird Feeder

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ID : DUN74405
Condition :  New
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Bring the beautiful songbirds upclose and personal. Duncraft´s Songbird One Way Mirror Window Bird Feeder brings the birds right up to your window! You can sit in your living room or stand in your kitchen and watch birds feed from just inches away.

Two heavy duty suction cups will secure the feeder to any window (although it works best when the window is clean). Two columns hold 1 pound of seed and a one way mirror film will have birds prancing and preening without noticing you're there. The mirror sits between the two columns and blocks birds´ view into your home.

The feeder is super easy to clean and fill and the clear plastic keeps seed levels visible at all times. You can use multiple seed types to keep birds interested and to attract a variety of species.

* Feeder measures 6 inches tall x 11.5 inches long x 3.5 inches wide
* Holds 1 pound of seed
* Allows you to see birds from inches away
* Suctions securely to any window