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Hanging Shelf by Cedar Delite

ID : RCACS500X900-LC
Brand : Cedar Delite
Condition :  New
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12" x 32" Hanging Shelf, for the sauna or door, handcrafted from the finest Canadian western red cedar. Store your toiletry or shower items on this handy storage unit to maximize your space. Also have the option to hang larger towels, bathrobes, or shirts on the three knobs below. This item is perfect for the shower or bathroom since the construction permits airflow for protection against mold. Canadian western red cedar is also naturally protected against bacteria and fungus. This unit constructs and mounts easily over a 1 1/2" edge. Designed to hold up to 30 pounds. Minimal assembly required. The product comes in a beautiful clear Interior Lacquer Finish.
Cedar DeliteÕs primary focus is creating hand-crafted premium cedar products. All of our high-quality items are crafted from fine Canadian Western Red Cedar that is sourced exclusively from British Columbia. This premier softwood Thuja Pilcata is not only one of the lightest woods in weight but has excellent dimensional stability and a low shrinkage factor. Canadian Western Red Cedar is also far superior amongst other types of wood due to its many positive properties in color, density, texture and grain. Canadian Western Red Cedar is extremely resistant to decay and insects, which is why cedar is the preferred variety of wood species for both indoor and outdoor use.
Cedar Delite not only strives in creating exceptional cedar products but also seeks only sustainable and renewable resources. We are environmentally aware and push to limit our energy consumption and carbon footprint. Cedar Delite is proud to be a FSC, SFL, and PEFC ÒcertifiedÓ cedar furniture manufacturer, which differentiates us from any other company.

Product Dimensions

12" X 32" X 9 1/2"