Hexagonal Bar Grate 27" x 27"

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ID : C-1546
Brand : Blue Rhino
Condition :  New
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The 27” Bar Grate features a hex shape design that makes it perfect for round or rectangular fire pits, fireplaces and chimineas. Constructed of heavy duty solid steel with a black finish, this grate has nine cross bars to hold a lot of wood. Cross bars and end bars are angled up on all sides to prevent firewood from rolling off the grate. This log grate holds firewood off the floor of the fire bowl which allows the proper airflow for a consistently even burning fire. The log grate is 27 inches wide and 7 inches high and can be used with steel, cast iron, clay or masonry fire pits, fireplaces and chimineas. This steel log grate lifts out easily to allow full access for cleaning out ashes.

* Solid steel construction
* Black finish
* 21” left to right (prong end to prong end)
* 27” front to back (prong end to prong end)
* Flat area is 19.5 left to right, 21” front to back