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Library Chair by Cedar Delite

ID : HLFNC445X852-LC
Brand : Cedar Delite
Condition :  New
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Out of Stock - Will be available again after Dec. 1, 2012
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17" x 18" x 34" Convertible Ladder Chair, handcrafted from the finest Canadian Pacific Hemlock. This dynamic piece of furniture converts from a beautiful side chair to a 3-foot step ladder with great ease. These remarkable pieces of metamorphic furniture may look like a chair, but in fact easily converts to a step ladder with one simple movement. Legend has it that this unique and very practical chair was either invented or discovered by Benjamin Franklin in late 1700 when he was our representative in England. When he returned to America he had one of these chair and ladder combinations with him and he introduced it to the residents of Philadelphia. There, it became very popular, and even today it remains a, practical favorite all over the US! The uniform color and texture of Canadian Pacific Hemlock is dense and strong, making it ideal for use in the kitchen or bedrooms. Minimal maintenance required. All of Cedar Delite's products come from sustainable forests of British Columbia. The product comes in a beautiful clear Lacquer Finish.
Cedar DeliteÕs primary focus is creating hand-crafted premium products. Our items are crafted from fine Canadian Hemlock that is sourced exclusively from British Columbia.
Cedar Delite not only strives in creating exceptional cedar products but also seeks only sustainable and renewable resources. We are environmentally aware and push to limit our energy consumption and carbon footprint. Cedar Delite is proud to be a FSC, SFL, and PEFC ÒcertifiedÓ cedar furniture manufacturer, which differentiates us from any other company.

Product Dimensions

16 3/4" X 17 1/2" X 33 1/2"