Pair of 5' Bead Berry /Yew Garlands

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ID : XP196/60-R x 2
Condition :  New
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This pair of Bead Berry /Yew artificial garlands are a perfect choice for your holiday decorating. They are manufactured by Select Artificials, a leader in the artificial tree, wreath and flower market. Every item we carry is chosen not only for beauty, but also for value. Select Artificials has a solid reputation in the industry for providing a quality product, competitive prices, quick processing of orders, and outstanding customer service.

Please note that by purchasing this item means you will be sent TWO garlands for this price!

At we consider this an eco-friendly product - less so because of what it's made from, and more so because it eliminates the need to cut down a young pine tree every year when celebrating the holiday season. They also require no water and no needle clean up, and can be used year after year.