Reclaimed Redwood Wheelbarrow Plant Stand

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Brand : Ecotiques
Condition :  New
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This Wheel Barrow Plant Stand is handmade by Steve Gehring of Lake County California using Recycled Redwood. Ecotiques incorporates an artisan approach to re-purposing old lumber that might have gone to landfills and fireplaces. While recycling and reprocessing the noble old boards, Ecotiques’ careful process accentuates the grain and character of the wood. Flaws and rusted nail holes that might have been eyesores become interesting design features in each piece, creating sturdy and artistic patio and garden benches, artifacts, and birdhouses. Intentionally crafted in a “ rough hewn” style, all Ecotiques have an antique appearance. No two pieces are exactly the same as the grain and integrity of the wood guides the artisan’s hand.

Please note that this bench is recommended only for use as a plant stand or decoration. Not meant for use as a real bench.

The wheelbarrow bed measures 18 X 13.... The overall length is 40 inches..... Weight 13.5 lbs