Stainless Steel Insert Custom Outdoor Fire Pit 19"

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ID : CFR19
Condition :  New
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Bring a warm glow to your backyard patio or deck. The Warming Trends™ Deck and Patio Hearth Insert combines the timeless charm of a crackling fire with the convenience and safety of the latest natural gas technology. The result is a magnificent work of art that brings a new, matchless element of ease and practicality to the warmth and romance of an evening by the fire.

About the Natural Gas Deck and Patio Hearth Insert by Warming Trends
* Quality design and construction
* Premium gas logs and lava rock
* Dual purpose, decorative copper lid baffles heat and covers hearth when not in use
* Clean-burning natural gas or LP fuel
* Low fuel consumption
* Minimal assembly required
* Remote control ignition start
* 24-volt system ignitor or battery operated 3V (2 D-Cell) ignitor with safety pilot
* 24-volt systems are available in 24", 30" and 36" diameters
* Unique, truly automatic ignition uses an electrical spark, ensuring a smooth flare-free start
* Automatic re-ignition restarts flame if a gust of wind blows out the fire
* Flame detection control closes the gas valve and attempts to relight the fire for 90 seconds, after which the system safely locks out for five minutes then relights