Stovall Western Mountain Bluebird House

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Condition :  New
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This Bluebird house from Stoval is a great standard option for bringing bluebirds to your property.

StovallĀ® Western Mountain Bluebird House

All cedar construction, stainless steel and dichromate plated screws, washers, hooks and chains, hand sanded, assembled with screws. Accommodates western and mountain bluebirds with a 1.5in entrance. The hinged roof allows you to monitor the inhabitants and easily clean the birdhouse. 9.5in x 7.25in x 17in.

Bluebirds seek protective space to rear their young. This home features the proper entry hole size with predator-proof extension. The raised wire-mesh flooring provides better ventilation and protects baby birds from blowfly larvae. 1.5 inch entry hole.